Meet the Girls!

Hi, I’m Amy. I live in Surrey. I make GCSE and A-Level question papers look the part. I love films, books and music – I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and country music, and I have a problem: binging boxsets too much. I’m a passionate women’s rights supporter; I’ve been at a part of the Empowering Women Development Programme and I am on the Empowering Women Network Committee at work. I believe that God made man and woman equal, after all, who did Jesus appear to first after he rose again?! I have great female role models (including Ellie Sattler, Shania Twain and Drew Barrymore) and I love attending women’s conferences (like Colour and Cherish). I’ve been going to church since 2010 when I was at university in Cardiff, and was baptised in August 2012.

You can read my testimony here.

Hello – I am Ellen and I live in Vancouver, Canada! Here’s what you need to know about me: I am a huge fan of breakfast foods and believe they shouldn’t be limited to one time of day; my favourite music style is country and wish it more widely enjoyed; if I could choose to unwatch any one film I would choose Jurassic Park (despite having wasted over an hour of my life on Salmon Fishing in the Yemen), because I would love to experience it for the first time again! I married Tom in October 2016, and we moved to Canada in the summer of 2018. I am following my desire to find out more about God, figuring out what true faith is, what a relationship with Jesus looks like in every day life and discovering where that takes me…

You can read my testimony here.