Skyfall: The Best Bond Film Yet?

The hype for the latest instalment of the Bond franchise has been beyond anything the series has seen before. Maybe it was the 4 year hiatus, or maybe it was the mild concern that the last film wasn’t exactly… great. Maybe everyone was just feeling extra patriotic after the Olympics. Who knows? But this Bond has gathered up more 5* reviews than I can count. But does it deserve them?

In one word, yes. But please do read on!

The film opens with a classic Bond chase scene. The stunts are thick and fast and the audience is thrown straight into the action. Bond has already lost one fellow agent from the word go and he’s not eager to lose more. But when the time comes, his fellow agent in the field takes a shot on M’s (Judi Dench) orders, but the shot isn’t clear, and she hits Bond. The film could not start any better. The visuals, the drama, the desperation of MI6 to catch their guy. This was why Bond was reinvented, it’s grittier, it’s more… realistic.

Although the franchise was in desperate need of a reboot 6 years ago, it didn’t quite achieve what it set out to do. It simply reinvented Bond into a generic spy. It felt like watching Mission Impossible or the Bourne series. It settled itself into the category a little too well. Skyfall reminds us why the British love Bond. He’s cheeky, he’s patriotic, he’s shaken, not stirred and he’s just downright irreplaceable. And set against the drama, is the Bond sense of humour, with little jabs at the original franchise that are loving rather than distasteful.

The story is straight forward, no Inception style storyline that leaves your brain hurting. This is a classic, straight-forward spy film. Sam Mendes has taken the helm here, and the screen lights up at his touch. A notable loss though, is David Arnold. Arnold has helmed the score for the past 5 Bond films, but his departure on this film is welcomed rather than mourned. We hear the signature Bond theme reappear throughout the film, reminding us that this isn’t a generic spy film, this, is Bond.

If you weren’t sure Craig was right for Bond before now, he seems to slip into the character so perfectly this time that it’s undeniable that he is certainly the right choice. Even better, is his adversary. Javier Bardem is the ultimate bad guy. Another great touch for this story is that you start to consider that just maybe Silva (Bardem) might be right and Bond might be wrong. It’s that shadow of a doubt that has you hooked from beginning to end.

It’s a thrilling film, and rated at 12A it’s one for all the family. Miss this film, and you’ll be sorry. There’s nothing like James Bond on the big screen.

Here’s the trailer:

Catch it at cinemas across the UK now!

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