Upgrading from Blackberry to Android!

At the end of November, I decided to upgrade from a BlackBerry to an Android.

BlackBerry had been doing my head in due to the lack of fun apps available, especially on the Pearl, so I wanted to upgrade either to an iPhone or an Android.

I had always said I did not want a touch-screen phone. I hate fingerprints all over screens as it is, without actually having to press the screen to make the phone function!

I loved the Pearl because it had an -old fashioned – 3×4 keypad. Which mean I could type as I have always done on a phone and didn’t have to figure out how to use a qwerty keyboard! I really liked this idea!

I had my Blackberry for about two years, and only disliked it for about the last six months of my contract, but in those six months I really grew to hate it!

I took the brave step and decided to pick between an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S3. The price was the main factor because I knew choosing an iPhone would be a continually expensive option! Then someone I know got the Galaxy S3 and I saw how big it was and began to change my mind! But I saw there was also the Galaxy S3 Mini which won me over completely!

I made the brave step of changing my phone, and I really don’t regret it! I absolutely love it, and the apps are so much better. Apps put the fun into functional that BlackBerry was missing! I have to admit, I am totally addicted to Instagram, but I don’t see that as a problem!

Although I really love my phone, I am not coping well with change. I cannot use the qwerty keyboard at all!

It’s terrible! Really terrible! I have to keep retyping words, changing sentences so I don’t have to use a certain word, going into landscape mode so that I don’t totally mess up the typing. It’s tragic really. A 21 year old not able to use a qwerty keyboard when her parents both can (I realise tragic is really not the word for it when you consider other things going on around the world, but I am ever so slightly prone to exaggeration).

The Galaxy S3 Mini has an option to change the portrait keyboard type to a 3×4 keyboard so I could continue to type on an ABC keypad, which worked a treat! But then I decided (and was told) to man up, and get used to the change. Which is ever so slowly happening, but I am making so many mistakes still and it takes me SO long to write anything. I think I’d be more coherent and quicker sending smoke signals to people than writing a text on a qwerty keyboard!

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