A new project for the blog…

This week has been a really great week.

Nothing particularly impressive happened, but it’s just been a really good week all round!

On Wednesday night I went to a friend’s house for a girl’s night and it was so much fun. A few months ago I set myself a bed time, which was 11pm. People who hang out with me of an evening tend to know about this bedtime, because A) I get really tired by about half past 10 and B) I tell people about it so that they understand my falling asleep when I’m supposed to be socialising.

However, when I was out on Wednesday night, I did not even notice the time ticking by, and before I knew it, it was well past 11. I got home by about quarter past midnight, and was told as I left my friend’s house to go straight to bed, so I followed my instructions and went straight to bed.

However, on my way out on Wednesday evening, I was meant to put some petrol in my car, but I’d left late, so hadn’t had time. Leaving when I did, the petrol station was closed by the time I would’ve got there, so I thought I’d leave it til the morning and all would be fine.

I didn’t think about the fact that I would have to get up early to make this happen!

BUT, it was all fine! In fact, I got to work early, and didn’t even feel tired. This continued all day. I didn’t feel tired at all on Thursday, which really surprised me!

I went to bed at about 11ish on Thursday, and once again got up Friday morning feeling OK. Friday morning at work went swimmingly, I was productive, I even crossed off everything on my To Do List for the week, which hasn’t happened since w/b November 13th.

Then it got to lunchtime. Then everything went downhill!

I lost every inch of my concentration, I lost every ounce of productivity and I lost the will to anything creative.

Basically, the afternoon dragged! It didn’t help that the office was pretty much empty from about 2pm onwards. There were literally 3 people in, and we were all in different parts of the office.

I got home and crashed (not my car, just physically on my recliner). I could not be bothered to cook, but also needed to buy some food. This led to what was meant to be a speedy dash but turned out to be an average lengthed trip around Morrisons, and then popping over to Umberto’s fish and chip shop! Which was an awesome idea. I was very pleased we did this! And I’m now very glad that I know there’s a good chippy not that far from my flat!

After all this excitement of fish and chips, and shopping, it hit 10.30pm and I decided it was bed time! I simply could not last any longer with both eyes open, and it wouldn’t have done any good taking mini one-eye-at-a-time naps!

I set my alarm for 9.30am thinking that would give me plenty of sleep and I would be fully caught up to the sleep I had deprived myself of during the week.

However, my body had different ideas… I woke up at 8.11am. I put off waking up properly for another maybe 15 minutes, but then thought, there’s no point in this, I’ll get a headache if I stay in bed any longer! So, at around half past eight, a whole hour before my alarm would be sounding, I got out of bed! I threw open my curtains to be greeted by a gloriously sunny day outside and this just cemented the good mood I was already in for the day!

I then started looking at Pinterest, and saw something about the history of the tree house, and I thought to myself, that is a very good idea! So I decided I’d steal it… basically.

Every fortnight, I am going to be posting a blog entitled “The History Of…”, it will give me a couple of weeks to pick a topic, research it, and then present it to you, the lovely reader of our blog!

I though it’d be a great opportunity for me to get learning about different things, teach and share what I learn so that it’s not me being purely self-indulgent, and it will also force me to write a blog every couple of weeks! If ever you have a suggestion for something you’d like me to research and write about, comment on any one of my blogs, and I’ll see it! Depending on whether or not I find it interesting, I will either grab it and use it, or pretend I’ve not seen it.

I am really excited about this new project! I’ve been looking for a project to get myself involved in recently, because when I get home from work I often just plonk down in front of the telly and only move to empty by bladder, refill it, or make and eat food. I think this’ll be a great thing to do because there are so many things I’d love to learn about but never do it!

The History Of...

I think the first topic I am going to write about is…. you’ll have to wait and see because I can’t decide yet! 🙂

Watch this space though, there’ll be a blog in around a fortnight, and in between these fortnightly “The History Of…” blogs, I will post some other random blogs just like all my previous ones, and as always Amy populates this page just as much, if not more than me, so there’s always something for you to get you teeth into on this page!

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