Random question

I was just writing something, and I wanted to write, “you won’t be disappointed”. However, I wanted to turn it around, so that it’s a positive. Appointed is not the correct word though. I am hoping some English language genius will read this and explain to me the derivation of the words and disambiguate this lexical conundrum I have found myself in. (I just used far too many long words in a row… That’ll be my monthly quota of sounding smart gone!)

As far as I can tell from the dictionary I have at work, the etymology of both words is French, so I’m guessing they have Latin origins (?!), so surely the meaning must be the same, and adding the”dis” should just be the antonym of the word?

If anyone can help me, that would be awesome!

P.s. I am sorry that I’ve not blogged in two months, and this is the first thing I come up with… Terrible, I know!

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