Favours: Update!

Remember my post about how I feel about asking for favours? No? Here’s a reminder.

So what was the outcome?

I believe it’s in the book of Mark: “seek and ye shall find”… I sought for help, and I certainly found it.

I asked a friend for what I felt like was way too much… coming to see sofas that were being sold on Gumtree, picking them up and helping me transport one back to my flat… this is asking too much of someone, isn’t it? I would never have asked this of someone if I hadn’t been prompted to beforehand.

What amazed me more, was that not only did they offer to do all of the above, but has offered me help above and beyond that. And they don’t expect anything in return. Seriously. Obviously, I’m going to reimburse them whether they like it or not. But I can’t believe that someone would actually want to help me this much. So grateful.

So I posted in my church’s Facebook group to ask if anyone knows of secondhand furniture going, to let me know… well, this morning, I was offered every piece of furniture I could ever have asked for. I was panicking primarily about sofas and desks… but I now have wardrobes and chests of drawers too. All these people are asking for nothing in return. Again, I’m not accepting that, but I just want to publicly say how grateful I am to everyone offering me furniture and helping me move in.

I’ve now asked people to help me decorate my new flat… I feel like this might be the line. I’ve suggested a ‘painting party’. Everyone grabs a paintbrush/roller and I order in some pizza to say thanks. Have a feeling I might be the only one at this party. Can’t help being negative, but I’m an ‘expect nothing, be grateful for anything’ type.

Thank you everyone. Seriously.

And a huge positive, I got these amazing thank you cards from a friend’s girls. I did them a favour, and I didn’t want anything in return… but this is the best thing I could have ever received. Totally made my day x1000.


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