Where will I be in 3 years?

I’ve been re-watching How I Met Your Mother recently, and amongst many things I’ve pondered as I’ve gone through the episodes (I reckon I could maintain a blog site purely based on HIMYM-isms) this one episode particularly struck me.

Season 7 Episode 20: Trilogy Time

In this particular episode, the gang sit and watch the original Star Wars trilogy and discuss how their lives will be different in 3 years. The episode starts in 2000, and you see how they wish their lives would be, then you jump forward three years to see how their lives actually turn out, so you see 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012 and a glimpse of 2015. It’s interesting to see what the gang expects from themselves in 3 years, and what actually happens in 3 years.

Whenever I go for a new job and my dad preps me for the interview, he usually asks: “where do you picture yourself in 5 years time?” So I thought I’d try the 3 year thing on myself (but I’ll skip on Star Wars… not really the biggest fan), and where I thought I’d be now, 3 years ago.

In 3 years, I should hopefully have just finished an LPC course, which means, I should be a brand spanking new solicitor. So I hope I would get a job straight out of uni into a trainee position. I also hope I’ll be living in the same address I’m about to move to. I hope I’m still regularly attending the church I am at the moment.

So that’s some basic stuff. Much like Marshall, I can’t grow a moustache, but that’s a good thing. Unlike Barney, I want my life to be different, and much like Ted, I hope I’m not single in 3 years. In 3 years, I’ll be 27. Two of my friends kids will be 4. Considering I know way too many people who have got engaged/married, I hope I’ll at least be a little bit more dateable by then. Though I don’t really know what that means.

I not only hope I’ll still be a regular at my church, I hope I’ll be a better Christian too. I’m by no means perfect, no one is, but I’d like to be praying more regularly, I hope to have started to learn how to meditate. I’d like to think I might’ve found a good balance in my life (you can tell I’ve read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ recently…)

I hope I cook more. Eat better, exercise more. I would like to be able to run 10k. Actually run it. Not run a tiny bit and walk the rest. Just so I can outrun the zombies.

So I think that’s everything. So where did I think I would be 3 years ago?

Let’s see… 3 years ago, would have been August 2010. So I would have been in between 2nd and 3rd year of uni. I was contemplating dropping out of uni and I had decided to commit to it and stay and then do the MA after. So I would have thought I would be working down in Roath Lock Studios for the BBC. Still on minimum wage, but I job I love. I would’ve planned not to be single too, but perhaps with someone in particular.

I had been going to church for about 6 months, and my eyes were starting to open, but I had no idea I was going to become a Christian. I also don’t actually stick to things, so I don’t think I expected that in three years, not only would I still be going to the same church, I would be a follower of Christ and be involved with the church more than just attending on a Sunday morning.

I definitely didn’t anticipate a third go at uni. The GDL wasn’t on the cards then. Nor was blogging, and I’ve been doing this for 2 years. I really thought my future was radio. I didn’t plan on being in a minimum wage job on a 4 hour min contract either.

The point is, life doesn’t turn out how you plan it. You can plan, and plan, and plan, but things come up, life goes in a different direction. It might not be my plan, but I do believe there is a life plan for me… I just don’t get to see it. I’m on the right path, because I’ve been steered in the direction that I was supposed to go, it just wasn’t my plan that got me here… it was His. And He’ll see me safely through the next 3 years.

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