Things I’ve learnt today

It’s almost 1pm, and I’ve already learnt a lot today.

Some of them are silly little things, but others… well I want to remember them, so I thought I’d write them down. But it occurred to me, I’d blog them. That way, maybe someone else can learn something new too.

1. Worrying about something at 5am and keeping yourself up, is the most counterproductive thing ever.

Seems obvious, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the first or the last person to do this. I got a huge council tax bill yesterday, and I felt OK about it last night. Until I got up at 5am because I felt so sick, then couldn’t go back to sleep worrying about how the hell I was supposed to cope with no money for the rest of my life. I was making budget cuts in my head. At 5am. They were not sensible cuts, so it really was the most counterproductive thing ever. I’m now exhausted with a busy day ahead of me.

2. If there’s a problem, DO something about it.

Not even 6 months ago would I have phoned up the council to try to work out a solution to this bill. I would’ve panicked and the last resort would’ve been to ring them. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have opened the letter because it would have scared me. I have since realised, you can’t fix all the problems on your own. So I rang the council. They were so beyond super amazing. So I now realise that point 1 is even more important. I should’ve relaxed, and thought ‘I’ll fix it in the morning when I ring the council.’ A problem is a problem whether you deal with it today or next week, but if you deal with it sooner, it usually costs you less money. Lesson learnt.

3. My tools are for bicycles.

Not even joking. And I didn’t know. Hilarious but embarrassing. I suck at DIY so much.

4. Know who your contract is with.

I bought a product from a company and it doesn’t work. It’s within it’s 28 days return policy. But the company has fobbed me off to the manufacturer to try to fix it. A friend of mine came over to fit my washing machine and explained to me that he has been in my position, and to tell the company who I bought the product from that my contract is with them, so it’s their responsibility to contact the manufacturer, not mine.

5. The court system in England and Wales.

From my revision… I won’t bore you with the details.

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