New Years Resolution

I make resolutions every year. The traditional ones like: exercise regularly, eat healthier… They all usually appear in my long list of ways to better myself for the New Year. Usually I don’t make it to the end of January.

Maybe I make too many, maybe I try to improve myself more than is humanly possible. Maybe they’re just not meant to be.

This year though, I thought I’d stick to just one, and make it detailed. That way, I might be able to make it further than a one-month stretch.

So this year’s resolution is simple. It has grown from a seed planted when I attended the Ignite: Speak conference in November last year. This conference hosted TED style speakers, allowing just 15 minutes per topic. Ignite are a Christian organisation, so it was Christian speakers with different topics. One speaker (Roger Aubrey) focused on the fact that we should finish what we start – Jesus did! On the cross, he shouts ‘It is finished!’… He came, he did what he had to, and he saw it through to the end… He finished what he started.

So it set me to thinking… How often do I finish what I start? Do I even ever finish what I start? I jump from great idea to great idea, but I never see any of them through to the end. So the last few things I’ve started, my New Year’s resolution is to see them through to the end. These include: Christian podcasting, Christ cover of ‘Everything Has Changed’, learning German, running the Cardiff Half Marathon, teaching English as a foreign language course.

There are so many other things that I’ve wanted to start, but I think maybe I should finish a few projects before I make a start on any others. I went to the Speak conference to be inspired to better things, and I think this is a good place to start.

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