Happy Mother’s Day

So it’s Mothering Sunday today. I forgot to send my mum a card, or send her a present, and I won’t be seeing her for another month or so probably. I’m probably not the best daughter right now. But I put on my music this morning as I get ready for church and a song came on and it made me realise I can right my wrongs as a daughter in one go. I listened to ‘Mother Like Mine’ by The Band Perry, it’s about how the world would be if the whole world had their mother. I thought I’d attempt to do the same.

I’m going to copy and paste the lyrics as they are and I’m going to change them to reflect what the world would be like if it had my mother. Here goes!

She’s the sky that holds the clouds
She’s the lady of the house
A blind believer in all I dare to be
There’s no safer place I’ve found
Than the shoulder of her white night gown
Oh I’ve got the best and the worst of her in me
I’d share her if I could

Hmmm, I think that first line can stay. It’s a nice metaphor, and I’m not so good with the words. Best to leave it as is.

‘She’s the lady of the house’ – technically true, but I think her and my dad really share the household responsibilities… She is currently unemployed though, so maybe she could be the lady of the house, since she’s there most of the time (think I just shot myself in the foot with this idea…)

I am a bit of a blind believer, but that certainly isn’t down to my mum. Delete that line I think. Can’t think of a replacement though.

‘There’s no safer place I’ve found than the shoulder of her white night gown’ – I never ever go home. Ever. But I’m pretty sure my mum doesn’t wear a white night gown. But that isn’t the safest place. I do however, find great security in the fact that she’s at the end of a telephone line, day or night she’ll take my calls. So: ‘I’m feeling down or fine, she’s always on the telephone line.’

I do have the best and worst of her in me. But I probably wouldn’t share her. If I did, she probably wouldn’t take my calls anymore.

Oh the wars would all be over
‘Cause she’d raise us all as friends
And no one would ever wonder if somebody wanted them
We’d walk on grass that’s greener
And our cares would all be freer
If the world had a mother like mine

The wars probably would be over, but not because we’re all friends, but because she’d give everyone a bit of a stern talking to. So: ‘The wars would all be over, ‘Cause she’d give us some harsh words.’

‘And no one would ever wonder if someone wanted them’ That is very true, my mum has a great knack at telling people as it is. She doesn’t mince her words. The Band Perry’s version sounds nicer than mine though, so I think I’ll leave their line as is.

‘We’d walk on grass that’s greener and our cares would all be freer’ That’s nice, but it’s not really saying very much, is it? How about, ‘We’d all say what we thought, and we’d all do what we ought.’ She speaks her mind and she always does the right thing.

She’s our father’s one great love
She’s the one he wanted most
She’s the light in the window of the house I grew up in
She takes the midnight call
She’s the bravest of us all
And she sings in the garden that she let’s her hair down in

I think those first two lines are pretty fair. I’m from one of those very rare unbroken homes. My parents are still together, and now me and my sister are a little more mature (a little) they hold hands in public… and it’s sweet.

Well, my parents have moved into a smaller house, and if I’m honest, I do have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about the fact that I no longer have a bedroom at home… This coming from the girl who went home a total of about 3 times in the past 12 months. But in all honesty, having a room that has my name on it isn’t the important thing, it’s the fact that I have a key, and there’s a bed there that’s mine anytime I want it. So I guess I’d change that lyric to ‘She is the home I can always return to’

‘She takes the midnight call, she’s the bravest of us all’ Well, I already mentioned that she takes my calls at all hours, so maybe I should change this one too. The great thing about my mum (and my dad) is that they’re so completely supportive. I wanted to start playing the ‘cello, so they sorted it out for me. I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore, so they didn’t say anything. I decided I wanted to play the piano, and again, they didn’t hesitate to set it up for me. I wanted to study a subject I loved but wasn’t too helpful at uni, but they supported my decision, I decided to take another degree, they supported me, I decided I wanted to stay in Cardiff, against all the odds, they supported me (in all this, I mean both emotionally and financially). I decided to take a law degree and drop out 2 months later… they supported me. ‘She supports me no matter too big or too small, she’s there.’

My mum doesn’t really sing. She also has short hair. But she loves the garden. I can’t think what I would change that lyric to though, so I guess that can stay.

So that’s my ode to my mother. What would the world be like if the world had a mother like yours? Happy Mother’s Day!

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