100 Happy Things

A week ago, I returned to Facebook. I left last December on a bit of a whim really. I got annoyed at someone and decided I’d had enough of the social network. I saw it as poison that I had to suck out. So I did. And my life got so much better. I became more social, rather than spending time on social networking. I wasn’t annoyed at that person for long, but I thought I would be better off without it.

Unfortunately, there was so much more on the side of the argument to return – everyone at work swaps shifts on there, the last girls night was organised on there (and as a result passed me by) and I had lost touch with some really good friends. On the side keeping me off, was literally because I wanted to. Which is reason enough, but I realised that I was being stubborn and unfortunately it was to my detriment.

So I returned. And on my return, one of my colleagues is doing a 100 happy days challenge, where every day she posts something that makes her happy. So I thought I’d take up the challenge, but just for a week. So in a week, I shall post again with my 7 things. See you in a week!

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