Coming Together to Create Something Seen

I flit about a lot. Between tasks, between thoughts, between blogs. I have a pretty short attention span. It tends to take me months to read a book and my room is rarely tidy.
I come up with dreams and imagine career plans for my future. I come up with ideas of what I want to do with my life.

I have started to realise these things about myself, so am beginning to recognise how to avoid the flitting, and recognise when a thought or dream is here to stay, rather than leave my head a week later.
I believe God plants dreams in our minds that seem crazily big. I think in the past, I have given in at the first hurdle, purely because the dream was dauntingly big, and I didn’t think I was capable to fulfil it.
I am starting to get that God can actually break through ALL things, not just some things and even the dreams that seem way too far out of my reach to even bother attempting to go for them, are doable with God.

God wants us to go out on a limb and achieve the so-called “impossible”. With Him as our strength, the impossible becomes decidedly possible.
What God seems to be teaching me at the moment is that when a dream is shared, it becomes a lot less intense and a lot less scary, and as a result, a lot more achievable.
Sometimes the dream is shared between you and a friend. Sometimes you and a boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/husband/wife. Sometimes you and a team. Sometimes you and a company of others.
The more people who share the dream, the more can be done to see it through to the end.
At Cherish conference this year, the theme was “Light Up The Sky”. A lot of teaching covered the idea that God is light, and God gives us His light to shine to others.

On the last night, we all were asked to turn the torches on our phones on, and hold it up when answering yes to questions on the screen. Towards the end of the questions, the name Jesus was put on the screen.

I looked around the room whilst we were answering these questions and realised that there were no house lights on in the arena. There were no spotlights on in the arena. Yet the whole room was lit up.

Pretty much every single woman in the room was holding a light to the sky, and it filled the room.

It made me think about how we are the same in life. We flit about doing our own thing. Going through life on our own little route, sometime crossing paths, but mostly in our own space, in our own time. We each use our torch to light our own path, to illuminate what’s in front of us. But, when we gather together, as a company of women, and bring all of our lights together for one purpose – in this case, the name of Jesus – it illuminates even a huge arena.

Think about what we can do when lots of ideas, lots of people, lots of dreams come together. Think about how much light we could bring into the dark areas of the world. Working together really does make a lasting impact because it can reach so much further than a single person ever can.
That’s what God is calling us to. To join together in mission to bring light to the world. Find someone who is passionate about what you are passionate about. It’s guaranteed that when you do, the two of you will be able to spread your passion further than you ever could alone.

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