Let’s Talk About Sex…

I have just read a super interesting article called Why Men Cheat on Elle.

Sex has become an answer in society – it inflates your self-worth, extends your happiness, boosts your ego, and is the cure to loneliness.
Do any of these things last? No.

This article is written by a man who has been tempted on many occasions to cheat on his wife. All his friend are doing it. He’s weird to not go to a bar and pick up a woman, or failing at that, visit a local strip club or brothel to find gratification there.

He’s not a Christian. He doesn’t even say that he doesn’t cheat on his wife because of moral values. He says it’s because he’s afraid of getting caught.

I don’t think in the last couple of hundred years marriage has ever (in society) been shown the respect or given the value it should have.

Marriage is a reflection of Christ and the Church. It’s filled with love, grace and compassion. It’s looking out for the other before yourself. Putting their needs and desires above your own. And the idea is, that if both of you are doing that, both of you are on the same page, then you will have a sublimely blessed marriage because of how much you each care for your spouse and want to see them happy.

Sex will never give you that.

Intimacy is what people crave but without realising it. And as long as people are happy to keep searching for what they lack they will never actually find it. It’s a catch 22 situation that you can only break by actively being present, choosing to commit, choosing faithfulness over promiscuity. That’s when you’ll find intimacy.

Sex is the answer, but only when the question is “what is wrong with the world?”

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