A Love Like This

I’ve been listening to commercial radio the past couple of months. I’ve always been a Radio 2 girl and switching over the biggest difference is the addition of adverts.

About a month or so ago, one advert caught my attention. It was for a TV show where the comedian John Bishop interviewed a celebrity and was kind of an in-depth laying them bare kind of an interview. This particular advert was for John Bishop in conversation with Russell Brand.

In the advert, he asked Russell Brand how having a daughter changed his life. Brand said that he suddenly realised he now had responsibilities – he had created this life that meant more to him than his own. He said he had never experienced such love and that his only wish for everyone was for them to experience a love like this.

I knew exactly what he meant by this statement, but at the same time, it made me immeasurably sad.

It perfectly describes how God feels about us. I’m currently reading through the Old Testament and I’m in Genesis at the moment. God created mankind to walk alongside Him – to be in partnership with Him in Eden. He created us with purpose, on purpose and He created us with free will – so we had the choice to walk beside Him or to walk away. And we sinned and we lost the privilegeĀ to be physically beside Him.

He created us.

In the same way Russell Brand feels about his daughter, so God feels about us. Each one of us is His creation, He is so proud and so in love with each and every one of us. He felt so strongly about us that He sent his son to undo all of the horrible, terrible things we think, say and do.

It wasn’t a quick and easy undo that Jesus had to perform. As the perfect, blameless, sinless Son of God, He took the heavy burden of all our sins – before we were even born, before we’d considered sinning, before we made the decision to do wrong – and He wore a crown of thorns and suffered and died on the cross for us. His blood washed us clean from that moment to forever.

Can you believe that there’s a God in heaven who loves you so much that He will die for you? He loves you so much – it’s perfect love. He doesn’t look at you and think you’re too fat, or too ugly, or not smart enough. He doesn’t look at you and feel disappointment. He doesn’t think you’re not worthy of His love. He looks at you and feels good about what He made. He looked at what He created and saw that it was good.

My only prayer is that is that everyone gets to experience a love like this.

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