Jesus, the Church and BLM

#BlackLivesMatter has been a giant movement – one that is overdue, and has been overlooked for so long. I’ve had the intention to write something about this, but I’ve been torn. I’ve posted a few things on my Instagram account, to show my allyship but when it came to writing a blog, I’ve hesitated. I…

Why I’m mad at God

So I’m on this aforementioned trip of a lifetime, through Canada and then out to Hawaii. I’m currently on the Hawaii leg of that trip. I try not to think about why I’m a little bit angry at God. I’ve tried to ignore it. I’ve stopped going to church, I’ve stopped speaking to Him, even…

Church is…

Amazing. Boring. Exciting. For old people. Where Jesus moves. Where God lives. Where community happens. For Christmas. A place of acceptance. A place of judgement. LOVE. To many people, the word “church” conjures different feelings. The place means different things. Here’s what I’ve learnt (so far) – 

To Believe is to Trust

I believe every word the Bible says.
I believe in miracles. I do.
I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin.
I believe that Jesus healed the sick – giving sight to those who could not see, making the lame walk, changing the hearts of those filled with hate.
Jesus performed miracle after miracle. He didn’t even have to do anything for some people – His presence was enough to change them.
But here’s the challenge – who do I believe is really in control of my life?
What do I believe? What do you believe?
Is it Jesus? God incarnate, here to change the world so we could thrive for His glory?
Or is it your *insert personal hang-up here*?

If God is for us, who can be against us?

If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31 Last week, I found out that not only am I still not liked at work, that a few members of staff like to exchange unpleasant words about me behind my back. Some of these members of staff, I thought were my friends. This…

Words to live by

From an earlier post, you might notice that I kind of love Martyn Joseph. He’s awesome. I’m still listening to him a lot, but there’s a song I listen to that is really catchy and the lyrics are really something to live by.