Words to live by

From an earlier post, you might notice that I kind of love Martyn Joseph. He’s awesome.

I’m still listening to him a lot, but there’s a song I listen to that is really catchy and the lyrics are really something to live by.

The song is called ‘He Never Said’ and the lyrics go a little bit like this:

Answer a strangers cry for help
Love your brother as you loved yourself
You only have to seek and you will find
Forgive your enemies drop that grudge
Don’t judge others and you won’t be judged
Only knock and the door will open wide, open wide

I mean, how truly inspiring and wonderful are those words? Whether you’re a Christian or not, you have a moral compass. Or at least, I did before I became a Christian. I try to help people, I try to give everyone a chance, and a second chance…. everyone deserves that. But sometimes you forget. And this song is a wonderful reminder of what I should be doing in my life.

Short blog, but I wanted to share!

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