In Over My Head

Have you ever been going through something and you really don’t know what to do about?
You’ve exhausted all of your options, you’ve done everything you’ve conceived to be possible, and still there is no resolution or even movement toward resolution?

Living in the Shadow of the Almighty

I grew up in a musical environment. Not the traditional sense of a musical environment; mine and my sister’s early lives contained a lot of music, of all different genres and varieties – there always seemed to be music playing. I’ve always loved listening to music, and going to concerts, and I spend a lot…

Words to live by

From an earlier post, you might notice that I kind of love Martyn Joseph. He’s awesome. I’m still listening to him a lot, but there’s a song I listen to that is really catchy and the lyrics are really something to live by.

Stuck on Repeat: Revisited

You may or may not be aware, that for 4 years, I was the host of a radio show. It was called ‘Amy In The Studio’ (I think I must’ve been hungover the day I had to come up with the name). I had a small group of fans who tuned in every week. Fortunately,…

Top 10 Disney Songs

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote a top ten blog, and whilst doing some reading today I spontaneously started singing ‘The Circle of Life’ from the Lion King. I thought about writing the Top 10 Disney Films… but realised that would be more difficult than… well the most difficult thing ever. I can’t…

Being a Role Model

Sorry for the recent absence… Between moving and starting my law course, I haven’t had much time to blog! But something struck me recently and I feel compelled to share my opinion about it. Role models. We all have someone, usually a celebrity, we aspire to be more like. Maybe it’s Stephen Fry (in my…

The break up song

I love country music. You already know this if you’re a regular reader, or even if you know me. But what most people don’t know, is that my favourite country music is born out of the darker side of love… The break-ups, the relationships falling apart. I like singing along about liars and cheaters, because…

Country Music & Me

Amy and I recently went to a country music festival in London, the first the UK has ever seen supposedly, and we thought it’d be cool if we both shared our views/opinions on it here on our blog!

What country means to me, my love.

When posed with the question, “what is your guilty pleasure music?” a few years ago, the usual answer seemed to be “country music”. But why? Why do people feel the need to be ashamed of a love for all things country? Moreover, why does it bother me?

What I’ll Miss About the Festive Season

I am a self-confessed Christmas-aholic. Everything to do with Christmas, I absolutely love. Christmas is a fabulous time of year; the celebration of the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ (kick off the list with the important one), the happiness everyone is filled with, the joy on everybody’s faces, the warmth in people’s hearts, the…