Happy Anniversary!

Today WordPress has informed me that it is our 2 year anniversary. I signed up to WordPress 2 years ago today. How exciting.

In two years, I have hosted a total of 8 blog sites (woah!) and had over 6,000 views on my collection of sites and indulged myself in many ways on these pages.

I’ve discovered new things, faced things for the first time, shared things I never thought I’d share and been more honest than I perhaps would be to your face here on these pages.

My 3 most popular, and most loved blog sites, are this one, my old Amy In The Studio page (the predecessor to this) and my Recipe Scrapbook.

It’s great to be celebrating my 2 year anniversary. I never thought I’d come this far. Turns out, the only things that I actually commit myself to are Christ and blogging. So I guess it’s cheers to that.

It’s amazing that I’ve stuck with it, but what amazes me more is that you guys keep reading. I didn’t know how many views these sites have been getting. We’ve been running this site for just over a year now. And we’ve already had so many views. So thanks for reading. If no one was reading, I would never have made it to my 2 year anniversary with WordPress.

So… Thank you! 🙂

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