My Disney Princess- Pocahontas

Every girl seems to have a love for Disney Princesses. Whether they are girly girls, tomboys, or so-so, they will feel a certain love for one or more of the famous Disney characters. I for one have decided in have an affinity with one princess in particular, and it’s a bit of a surprise one!

As I was growing up I absolutely loved Cinderella, I remember watching that film over and over and over again, so I would have thought, that in my ‘adulthood’ I would choose her as my favourite Princess.

However, I saw Sainsburys had a buy one get one free on Disney DVDs a couple of weeks ago, as well as double nectar points, so I simply couldn’t resist! I am incredibly weak willed, and instantly knew which film I wanted most, and it wasn’t Cinderella!

The film I wanted more than any other was in fact Pocahontas. I remember watching it as a child and enjoying it because one of the lead characters was called Smith. Yep, my attention was that easily grabbed! I remember the McDonalds Happy Meal toys as well, I think Amy and I had the raccoon and John Smith. Little hard plastic toys. As you do…

I’d not seen the film in years and soon as I saw it on the list, I just wanted to watch it. So I ordered it. I watched it again after what must be around 10 years, if not longer!

I absolutely love the whole premise of the film. And Pocahontas’ character really resonates with me! A girl stuck in society, wanting to see much more of the world and not just conform to what everybody else is doing. Kind of rings a bell! A girl who looks elsewhere from the everyday norms of life to find beauty and excitement.

It’s what I dream of, but never quite dare to do. In my mind, I feel like there is a time and a place for everything, and right now I am meant to be pretty much right where I am. BUT… who knows where the future will take me!

It’s the exotic-ness of it all as well. Meeting people from different places and cultures and learning about them, their lives and their world.

It’s about courage, and understanding. That’s what Pocahontas has beyond her years, and it sums up the whole plot and message of the film really well.

It’s great at the end as well because although it is a happily ever after story, it does show that, sometimes, things are too different, don’t fit, and are better off apart, and that is ok!! Paint with all the colours of the wind is a fantastic song to round up the whole film too.

As well as being a brilliant story with an amazing message, the film is incredibly well mastered for DVD. It’s awesome quality, and hasn’t aged at all really!

I suppose if I HAD to pick out a negative it would be that John Smith is English, his hometown is London, and yet he’s played by Mel Gibson. Sensible casting! Also, his facial features are a bit too chiseled.

So there you go… my Disney Princess is Pocahontas!

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