Why it’s Good to Relinquish Control

“Accept that while you crave resolution – an ending to the story, and a happy ending at that – the narrative arc you’ve learned doesn’t apply. Stop trying to map the events of your life onto it. You are strong enough to be unsure. Keep moving.” Maggie Smith (Credits: @maggiesmithpoet, shared by @sniequist on instagram,…

So what, who cares?!

I’ve been telling myself that the reason I’m not blogging at the moment is because I have something I really want to write about but don’t know how to write it, I’m still researching, I need to do it right etc etc But that’s not the reason. The reason I’m not blogging is because I’m…


As many of you know, my husband and I have recently moved to Vancouver, Canada. However, that’s not what this blog is about. In September/October last year I had a bit of a quarter life crisis, and although I’m not totally through the other side, I am in a much better place and have gained…

Examples from Nature

I love David Attenborough. Nature documentaries are one of my life’s indulgences. I learn so much from TV shows – if school had taken on this method of teaching I would probably be some sort of “-ologist” by now. 

A few years ago I watched a few shows online – I have no idea if they were Attenborough or something else, but I remember a few things from them well – they featured bees and pyrosomes. One I was familiar with, one was new to me, but these two examples from nature taught me a lot about community and how to live.

Happy Anniversary!

Today WordPress has informed me that it is our 2 year anniversary. I signed up to WordPress 2 years ago today. How exciting. In two years, I have hosted a total of 8 blog sites (woah!) and had over 6,000 views on my collection of sites and indulged myself in many ways on these pages….