Itchy Feet

Every now and then I get itchy feet. After my amazing trip to Budapest and Bucharest this year, I know I can do it alone too.

Just before the summer, I started applying to teach English as a foreign language in Vienna. I wanted to go to Vienna so badly, but I couldn’t afford to just go. So I wanted to teach whilst I was there and pay my way. Exactly what my friend I visited in Budapest was doing.

I’ve never been to Vienna, and I’m very much in love with the idea of it. But I promised a friend of mine that the next trip I make will be to New York. And, well, although circumstances have dramatically changed, at the time I hated children of all ages. No one thought I could actually teach and move to Vienna for a few months.

So now I’m trying to save to head to New York for Thanksgiving next year (very difficult to save when you don’t earn enough to live on anyway). It might be Thanksgiving 2015 at this rate. But I’m getting itchy feet with a location in mind again. And it’s not Vienna…

It’s Edinburgh.

Having recently been to the cinema to see Filth and Sunshine on Leith, two Scottish films, both set in Edinburgh, I’ve been given some food for thought on the destination.

Filth not so much, but Sunshine on Leith made Edinburgh look wonderful. It appeared beautiful and somewhere well worth exploring, maybe over a long weekend.

My mum has always had a bit of a thing against the Scottish. Having never really met a scotsman til I started going to my church, I couldn’t really pass judgment. Then I met a fair few who have moved to Wales. And… well, they’re all kind of awesome people. My manager at work, he’s Scottish too. He’s alright. Can’t say I hold anything against them.

I also love The Proclaimers and James McAvoy is soooo beyond awesome. The best Bond is Scottish. Two of the Doctors have been Scottish of the 4 in the new series of Doctor Who. Craig Armstrong who wrote the score for Love Actually… Scottish. And very cool. Amy MacDonald, who is utterly amazing.

Between the people I’ve actually met and the people I so wish I’d met from Scotland, it seems like a pretty cool place to me. Then I see Edinburgh to the tune of all of the best Proclaimers songs in Sunshine on Leith and I’m sold. So I bought myself tickets to see Martyn Joseph for my birthday, I might just spend my birthday & Christmas money on a trip to Edinburgh next spring.

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