My Journey So Far

Everyone has a different story of how they found God – some have dramatic tales of redemption while others have humble origins. I never really thought about mine until recently – I became a Christian in one church and stayed there for so long… they all knew my testimony. Having moved and settled at a…

Man Up!

I try very hard, daily, not to be depressed about my sucky life. Single, not quite in the job I thought I’d be in, living in a house share, did I mention single? So today being payday, I thought I’d treat myself to the life I want. I slept in, I went shopping, I treated…

100 Happy Things: Revisited

Last week, I posted a challenge for myself. To find one happy thing per day and to keep track of them. So I’ve kept a diary of my week and picked one happy thing per day. Hope you enjoy!

Being Thankful

So I thought it’d be a really cool idea to post a blog about being thankful on Thanksgiving day. I know, what a concept! How has no one ever thought of it before? However, I had this idea on Thursday. Before work. Then I had youth club that I help at. Then I had more…

Christmas Rant

It’s very well established that Ellen and I both have some sort of mutated Christmas gene that means we get superbly over excited about the festive season. I’ve come across far too many Scrooges to know that Christmas is pretty much resented by most. But for me, it is truly a magical time of year….

Training Diary: Zumba

So I promised you a training diary of my preparations for the race for life. As promised, here’s the first entry, and but my second foray into “training”.

Race For Life

Every year women don the pink and run, walk, dance 5k and 10k to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This year I’ll be one of them. I thought it might be an idea to tell you my motivation behind this move!