Training Diary: Zumba

So I promised you a training diary of my preparations for the race for life.

As promised, here’s the first entry, and but my second foray into “training”.

So I joined PureGym Cardiff in February, promising myself I’d go. In my head I went 3 times a week, lost loads of weight, looked fabulous and had Jennifer Lawrence’s body. That didn’t really happen.

I booked the induction a total of five times… Cancelling every single one. Something came up every time. I was asked to work last minute, it was the only time a friend could meet up, I got ill, it snowed… There was always something standing in my way. So I stopped booking them altogether.

I then mentioned in work that I’d signed up and hadn’t been going. Cue a friend to invite me training with her and another girl. And again, there was always something else happening whenever they went. Finally, she invited me to join a class with them… PureCore. I had nothing on, although it was an early morning, so I committed. I said yes. So I went.

It being a morning, I skipped breakfast. This was the first lesson I learnt. Don’t ever go to the gym on an empty stomach. You’ll have absolutely no energy. First rookie mistake. Second of all, don’t take it too seriously. Within five minutes, I realised I had no abs whatsoever. I then spent the remainder of the class rolling around on the floor doing “sit-ups”. I was in stitches. I couldn’t stop giggling. If I’d taken it too seriously, that class would’ve put me off ever returning to the gym. But the instructor was lovely, and wasn’t too hard on me. The third lesson I learnt that week was to know when to say no. I’m very unfit, I’d skipped breakfast and I’m the worst morning person. I knew I wouldn’t make it through the class. And I had no problem throwing the towel in half way through. I’d rather admit I can’t do something than kill myself trying. Knowing when enough is enough is so important. It sounds obvious, but I wouldn’t have admitted it just a few years ago.

So to Zumba. After the somewhat fail of PureCore, two weeks later, I get back up on that horse.

Having done Zumba for a few months on my Wii, this time I knew what to expect. I us to do Ballroom and Latin dancing too, so I know how to move my hips. I was so pleased that I found a class that not only could I stay to the end of, and I enjoyed, but I’m almost good at it. If I stick with it for a few weeks, I know I will be good at it. And if nothing else, that is a super comforting thought!

That’s all for now folks. Keep up with me again soon… I’m going to start actual running before too long, and after hearing stories of face planting on treadmills, I fear I’ll have a few of my own to share soon.

Keep donating!

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