Examples from Nature

I love David Attenborough. Nature documentaries are one of my life’s indulgences. I learn so much from TV shows – if school had taken on this method of teaching I would probably be some sort of “-ologist” by now. 

A few years ago I watched a few shows online – I have no idea if they were Attenborough or something else, but I remember a few things from them well – they featured bees and pyrosomes. One I was familiar with, one was new to me, but these two examples from nature taught me a lot about community and how to live.


You’ll often hear me say that going for a walk provides me with inspiration. Whether the inspiration is for a blog post here, for solving a problem, or just life. Over this Christmas period, I have been blessed to dog sit for a gorgeous Spaniel called Reggie. He requires walking 3 times a day, so…

I Hold On

So, Happy New Year! I guess is the best way to start this blog. I spent my last week of 2016 with my nearest and dearest in the Northwest of the UK – the most mild December in years I believe? I started and ended the trip in Southport where my sister and her new…

I am the 1%!

No, no, I’m not talking about the Occupy movement. I am certainly one of the 99% there. I recently made the decision to purchase the box set one of my favourite TV shows of last year. Hart of Dixie is a great little story about a city girl trying to make it in the country….

Life Lessons… Via Twitter

I wonder, do you live by a set of rules? Not the rules set by society, I hope you live by those anyway, but rules you set for yourself, such as ‘treat others as you would wish to be treated’. It’s been a while since I blogged, and that last blog was just an excuse…