Life Lessons… Via Twitter

I wonder, do you live by a set of rules? Not the rules set by society, I hope you live by those anyway, but rules you set for yourself, such as ‘treat others as you would wish to be treated’.

It’s been a while since I blogged, and that last blog was just an excuse for me to blog about total hotties. Maybe it’s time to blog about something that isn’t films… though I’ll still be making references, as this train of thought was inspired by watching ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

A while back, after announcing my love for Javier Bardem, my supervisor mentioned that she enjoyed him particularly in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ (she was the one who highlighted how he says “passport”…) I remember watching it on Sky at home with my dad when my mum and my sister went away a few years ago. We both thought it was awful. So I thought I’d give it another go after recently signing up for LoveFilm Instant. I changed my view on it totally. It was inspiring and uplifting. It made me want to cleanse my life and be a better person, to live for myself and for God and not for everyone else. Of course, that didn’t happen. I still primarily live for everyone else, but it did open my eyes.

I didn’t really think I lived in the moment, or seized the day. I suppose I still don’t as I sit here typing this in my pyjamas whilst listening to Example. There was a time when I would have thought this to be the most boring evening ever. But as I sit here with my bottle of Bud, I realise that relaxing and chilling out is just as important as fast paced, thrill seeking. Not that I do that, ever.

Not only do I not live in the moment, but outside of societies rules, I was pretty sure I don’t have any personal rules. I was simply Twitter stalking myself this evening (not my proudest moment) and looking through my favourited Tweets. You can see them here if you have a Twitter account. What makes me hit that ‘favourite’ button on a tweet? Three things usually: they make me laugh, I can associate with whatever it is, or it inspires me.

So I thought I’d go through some of those inspirational ones, and create myself a list of rules to live by.

One account tweeted the following:

5 simple rules for happiness: 1) Free your heart from hatred. 2) Free your mind from worries. 3) Live simply. 4) Give more. 5) Expect less.

These are some great philosophies. But perhaps they’re too simple… for all those points (except that last one) I say ‘easier said than done’. The last one… well, if I expected any less from my life, then I’m not sure what would be happening…

An account tweeting some of Karl Pilkington’s gems tweeted this one:

Being “happy” is a man-made condition. I think we kid ourselves into thinking we’re happy.

Now when I’m feeling down (and that’s been far too often lately) this one I can work with. I think to the times that I’m happy and really wonder what it is that makes me happy. Then I realise I overthink things and I’m actually starting to think Karl Pilkington has a point, so I move on quickly. But… just maybe he has a point…

So we move on to somewhat happier ground with Miley Cyrus:

“There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations”

Maybe it’s the kick up the arse I need, or maybe she’s just facilitating my already low, low, low expectations…

Now, Chelsea Kane has always tweeted great things (she also self promotes a little too much for my liking the rest of the time) but here’s a few of my favourites from her:

If you’re not enjoying the journey, you probably won’t enjoy the destination. [I disagree… everything has highs and lows. How do you know you’re on a high if you never experience a low?]

Sometimes I know I shouldn’t and that’s exactly why I do. [This one I love, but I really don’t have the balls to do the things I know I shouldn’t do but really, really want more than anything]

The only people you should try to get even with are the ones who have helped you. [A beautiful philosophy]

She also tweets some of the aforementioned hilarious tweets.

Another source of inspiration, which really surprises me, is Ricky Gervais. He tweets some stupid things, and he is so controversial on Twitter. But sometimes, the things he tweets are exactly what I need to hear.

You can’t please everyone. And you shouldn’t want to. [So completely true, but I always forget]

You have such a limited amount of time to do EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to do. I’d start today if I were you. [Why put off til tomorrow, something you can do today? Live for today!]

People who criticise you have usually never achieved anywhere near what you have. Most of them would be too scared to even try. Keep going. [When he tweeted that, I’d just decided to give up. Sometimes these inspirational tweets come at exactly the right time.]

He also recently made very controversial comedy ‘Derek’ and the pilot and episode 1 really touched me. After ‘Life’s Too Short’ I thought he’d lost it, but he’s found it again with ‘Derek’.

Jared Followill of Kings of Leon fame tweeted this gem:

If I pass someone & say excuse me and they don’t respond, I say fuck you at the same volume. If you heard fuck you, then you heard excuse me

Rather than a life rule or philosophy, I think it makes great sense! But seriously, manners never hurt anyone, but lack of manners can!

From one Cyrus to another, this time it’s Miley’s step-sister, Brandi:

Youve [sic] got to fight for what you want, because no one else is going to fight for you.

She couldn’t be more accurate. If I give up, I’m never going to get what I want. I have to fight if I ever even want a slight chance in hell.

Those are most of the highlights from my ‘favourite’ list, so… my list of life lessons, rules and philosophies, as compiled from Twitter:

1. I should throw caution to the wind and say/do what I really want to sometimes. Even if I’m shit scared of the consequences. No one ever got anything done by not saying what they really felt.

2. The only people you should try to get even with are the ones who have helped you.

3. You can’t please everyone. And you shouldn’t want to.

4. You only live once, so enjoy it while you can.

5. It doesn’t kill you to be nice and polite.

6. Never give up. If you give up, then you lose. If you keep trying and don’t get what you want, at least you know you tried your hardest. No regrets!

I feel like that makes a good start and maybe I can start being a better and more well-rounded person now. Thanks Twitter.

Incidentally, if you have Twitter, my account is @heyits_amy 🙂

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