My Abysmal Irregularity

I know a lot of people have exactly the same problem as I do, so some folk out there will identify with this post.

I start things and don’t finish.

I begin doing something and then forget it exists.

I love the idea of doing something and then other things come along and the original gets pushed down the list of priorities.

Maybe as a New Year’s Resolution I will commit to not starting so many new things and stick to what I have already begun!

Part of the problem is that I have what is known as a “scatterbrain”. There are lots of little bits and bobs darting around inside the mostly empty chasm that is my head and things either get lost when they hit that grey matter that does reside there, or they just keep bouncing about. It’s rare that they items ever actually get organised and filed away in the way I would like them to be, and the way that would then enable me to function properly.

I overcrowd my head so often that I get used to doing about twenty things at a time (which is why I think I don’t have the ability to multi-task, because my head is already multi-tasking before my hands/eyes even get a look-in). This means I rarely actually finish things I start.

Starting my job was a bit of a turn-around for me. I actually had to finish things at work. I couldn’t start a job and let it just fizzle out. If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done, which isn’t exactly conducive to the working environment. So I’ve had to learn to prioritise in the office, and tick my jobs off as I COMPLETE them! And I really love the feeling of satisfaction that fills me when I get to put a little tick in the little box.

Putting photos on facebook is one of THE worst things I do. I love sharing my photos with people, especially those who are in the photos, and the easiest way to do that these days is via facebook! It’s a simple job too. Or it should be anyway. But I don’t ever keep up to date with it. This means that I end up with hundreds of photos, from numerous events, with lots of different people. This in turn means that I have to upload hundreds of photos, remember what events they were, and tag all the people. Fun. Or not.

I’ve tried to just ignore this at times, pretend I’ve forgotten about the photos, but then people ask me about them (Amy in particular has the memory of a… something that has a really good memory… when it comes to photos), so I then have to put them up. Or at least I feel I should.

I think organisation is key. Setting priorities, sticking to that order, to do lists, and not being lazy would all help me to get my life in order. Maybe this time next year I’ll be better. I’ll be 22 then. As far as I’m concerned, when you get to 22 you’re a proper adult. You can still get away with stuff at 21. You’re only 21 after all! But 22, well… that’s old!

That’s enough til next time!

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