100 Days To Change…

Habits are something that can be good or bad. Often we get stuck in bad habits, and trying to break out of them seems impossibly hard. When we want to get into a new good habit, it seems just as difficult.

A friend of mine showed me a blog that gave a guide to creating new habits, and it seemed like a really good idea! You download and print off a sheet with 100 boxes, which are for the 100 days you have to carry out the plan.

The plan is simple: each box is divided into three, with a tick box next to each, in which you have to write things that you want to become habits. You have to write them in the boxes for every day, and tick each one off as you complete it every day, for 100 days.

You can choose things like eat five fruit and veg a day, drink eight cups of water, or you can choose less healthy things like read ten pages of a book, or learn a new word. The possibilities are endless, and you can do whatever you want to, it’s to become your habit!

One thing I chose to do is read a chapter of the Bible every day. I am hopeless at sticking to reading plans, and really struggle reading from the Bible daily. But I don’t want to keep coming up with excuses, I want to make a change! So, not just reading a verse a day, but a chapter, because then I’ll actually be taking something in, rather than just looking on Instagram or Pinterest at Bible quotes.

I’m on day six now, and it’s already doing me good. I’ve picked a chapter from different books every day so far, some I’ve read before, some I haven’t. Everything I’ve read has challenged me, and I think it’s the attitude I have going into it, and where I am on my faith journey right now, that’s making this challenge so worthwhile.

Today I was reading Romans 8, a chapter I have read many times before, but today it really impacted me, and that wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t feeling very sponge-like or if I wasn’t doing this 100 day plan thing.

I think, after doing Freedom In Christ, I have realised that the only person I’m affecting through not reading and connecting with the Bible is me. It doesn’t change anyone around me, it changes me. I hold the keys to my future, and I need to choose to open the right doors, and doing something as basic as surrounding myself with God’s Word daily is only going to help to recognise the right paths.

The other things I’ve chosen to change aren’t things I’m going to share, but I’ll let you know in 94 days whether this 100 days to change thing works or not!

NB: the original blog can be found here- http://www.aholyexperience.com

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  1. sparrowkindalove says:

    What a great challenge! I’m looking forward to hearing how you make out!

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