The Longest Week

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this has been the longest week on record. I’ve seen images posted to Instagram with captions such as “The Mondayest Friday” and “Well, 2021 is the worst year ever”.

They’re not wrong. Here in the UK, we felt like there was the light at the end of the 2020, that things were getting better. We have the vaccine, it’s rolling out… but numbers were rocketing out of control. We all knew a third lockdown was coming, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt still.

This lockdown is hard, after Christmas being destroyed at the last minute (though the true meaning and spirit of Christmas wasn’t), the darkness closing in early, the cold ebbing in. It feels darker… like we’re entering the later series of Harry Potter. As Sirius Black puts it “It feels like it did before”, the sense of dread, of something terrible peering in through the windows, waiting to get you.

Am I comparing lockdown and the fear of COVID-19 to the terror of Voldemort? 100%, yes I am. Voldemort killed without remorse, and so does COVID-19, and neither one of them has a nose.

But I started talking about the worst week, I want to compare it to the best week, because sometimes we need to be reminded of the good times to lift our hopes. I’m referring to another book I love… not another Harry Potter reference, but a biblical reference. If this week feels like a lot of crap has been stuck in, God had an amazing week sticking some amazing things in.

I’m talking about Genesis Chapter 1. Even if you’re not a Christian, you more than likely know some of the story. God created the world and everything in, in just 7 days. Well, actually 6 days and then on the 7th he rested.

DayCreationBible Ref
Day 1Light and darkness/night and dayGen 1:3-5
Day 2SkyGen 1:6-8
Day 3Land, seas, plants and treesGen 1:9-13
Day 4The sun, moon and starsGen 1:14-19
Day 5Fish and birdsGen 1:20-23
Day 6Animals and humansGen 1:24-31
Day 7Day of restGen 2:1-3

This week has felt like a massive and heavy week, but it is nothing in comparison to the week God had. God can do so much in a week and in our fallen world, even a raging virus can’t destroy at the rate God creates.

Number of deaths reported in the UK as a result of the Coronavirus (data accurate at time of writing)

One of my not-really-a-resolution resolution’s was to read more, including opening up my bible more. This week, I have reflected on God’s amazing power of creation and in a week like this week, it’s separated the light from the darkness.

If you’re not a Christian, your more immediate question might be how is God allowing the Coronavirus to be quite as rampant as it is, and other than the usual stock answers I have (1. We live in a fallen world and none of this was God’s plan 2. We only see a couple of pieces of the puzzle, not the big picture – the part we see is only a tiny portion of a much bigger tapestry) I honestly just don’t know.

I’m working on my own questions about why God allows things to happen (I’ve written about this before here) but knowing and seeing that God has the awesome power to separate the light from the dark – actual and metaphorical – gives me some peace. Hopefully this reminder will for you too.

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