Why Taylor Swift is awesome

It’s no secret. Both myself and Ellen are big T-Swizzle fans. We think she’s great. She has fantastic fashion sense, she sings about her break-ups and she wins armfuls of awards every season. I mean, I’d love to be her bestie. I think she’d be a great girlfriend. Giving you relationship tips, insights into ice cream eating, and red carpet walking. What more could you want from a friend?

Well, since the odds are, I’ll never meet her, let alone end up being her best friend (she has great friend qualities, but me… not so much). My favourite type of blog posts are reasoning why I love something, or someone, as much as I do. It’s like, I’m really trying to convince myself that it’s actually OK to be so infatuated with someone I’ve never met (I think it’s best not to dwell on the fact that I have a bigger than life-sized cardboard cut-out of Daniel ‘James Bond’ Craig residing in my flat).

So what makes Taylor so great?

For me, it’s her songs. We’ve all experienced heartache. Been dumped… dumped the wrong guy and regretted it forever… fallen in love with your best friend. That last one is a killer. We’ve all experienced what she sings about to some degree. So when you sing along to her hits, you’re not just saying the words, you’re meaning them. I don’t have that feeling with many artists, and some of Taylor’s lyrics don’t ring true with me, but the ones that do, those are the ones that are both hard to listen to, and addictive.

Her lyrics are beyond beautiful and poetic, and I could go on forever how I can really empathise with her, but you’d get bored, and this would be the dullest blog post ever. But her songs are only part of her allure. I would kill for her figure, just so I could pull of her eclectic, hipster look. The look that only she can pull off, with her signature red lips. She has men falling at her feet. Her high profile relationships with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal… and the even higher profile break-ups are part of what makes Taylor so… Taylor.

The thing is, I don’t have to be her best friend for her to give me all those insights I crave so much. Her songs speak to me (and millions of others) about relationship advice, her Twitter feed tells me (and 20.5m others) all about her red carpet experiences and her Instagram shows me (and over 3m others) her ice cream eating habits. Taylor Swift is hundreds and thousands of girls best friends.

So how should I end this blog? I think the only way to do it is with a video I shot when I saw her live in Manchester.

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